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How to Avoid 6 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO?


Does your website not getting regular visitors?

Many people think that good looking website is enough to get regular visitors. But it is not true; apart from web design, many more factors affect your website. You must focus on the user experience and the SEO of the website, without SEO you will never get a quality audience on your website.

The below points will show you the 6 common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO and stop you from getting a potential audience:

Mistake 1: Absence of H1 Tags (Especially on the Home Page)
The search engine will never consider the design, and appearance of your website. It only considers the SEO of the website. While doing the SEO of your website, you have to put the H1 tag that shows the main topic of the web page to the search engine. If you are missing H1 on your website, fix this to get more and relevant visitors.

Mistake 2: Too Heavy images & Media Files
Images and videos attract visitors more, but they will avoid your website if it is slow. Generally, these large files and images will slow down the speed of your website. Visitors avoid slow-loading websites, according to research, average visitors spend only 30 seconds on a website to make it load.

Mistake 3: Compatibility with mobile
According to researches, it is discovered that half of the population uses a mobile phone to search for anything online. Because mobile is easy to carry and always with the user, it is a must for you to make your website mobile-friendly.

Mistake 4: Annoying pop-ups
If your website is showing frequent pop-ups, it means your website will suffer in SEO. Indeed, the search engine does not show a website has numerous pop-ups, as it irritates the visitor most. You must cut down the pop-ups from your website to boost the SEO.

Mistake 5: Text over images
There are numerous websites which are uploading only images, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. But they are not aware that the search engine avoids showing these kinds of content as it does not collect information about your content. It is a must to add some text to explain the image and video content on your website.

Mistake 6: Safe website first
The security of the website won't affect your website, the absence of an SSL certificate can bring down your website. It is important to secure your website for high ranking so that visitors can surf freely on your website.

If you correct all the above mistakes of your website, you can enjoy the benefits of high SEO. You can also go with the professional SEO service providing agency, WEBiSetup. They will provide you suggestions and strategies which boost the SEO of your website and you will start getting organic visitors.


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